Modern Combat and Survival (MCS-free) vs New World Patriot Alliance (NWPA-paid) Memberships

MCS provides a ton of free information and is an access platform for viewing, printing or saving purchases and free reports. If you have ever signed up for one these free reports or paid for a product of ours, you should have an account established already with the site.

A unique login is required to access your dashboard for this service, but being a member or client of MCS itself is not indicative of being charged on a monthly basis. The MCS site has to dashboards:

SHOW MY MCS PRODUCTS- this is where you go to view or listen to any of your products, reports or courses

NEW WORLD PATRIOT ALLIANCE- this is a paid membership site for $19/mo where you go to participate in live round table discussions and online workshops, find out when Jeff's open office hours are to talk one on one, receive discounts on live training events, access bonus material, and redeem your monthly credits for products in the areas of firearms, survival and combatives. Please visit to activate your 14 day trial membership for just $1! You can cancel at anytime by contacting customer support. Cancelations are not processed retroactively, but you will not be charged anything moving forward from that date.

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