Apple Users- Adobe Requirement

Survival and Self Defense products are accessed through the site. The files are in an eMagazine or eReader format, so you simply need to click on the link inside the members access area for the program. It will open up on your iPad (or iPhone or computer) automatically without having to be dragged or uploaded anywhere. You then can flip through the pages or print it out.

Apple products do not natively support Adobe. However, there are several applications you can download from the app store that do. For the iPad, users have indicated that the best "Flash Player" application for any adobe file, movie, game or web-based viewing is "Photon Flash Player". For iPad 3 and iPhone users, "Skyfire web browser", "iSwifter Browser", or "Cloud Browse" are recommended.

If you have an existing Adobe application or converter on your Apple product, and your product is still not opening, please submit a support ticket with as much information regarding the error message you are receiving.

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